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GYC Mailing Address


P.O. Box 12771
Rochester, NY 14612
(585) 266 9796

E-Mail Addresses

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Getting to GYC

By Land

With the completion of construction of the O'Rourke Bridge, the entrance to Genesee Yacht Club changed in the spring of 2005. The address was changed to: 10 Marina Dr., Rochester, NY.

When using a GPS to guide you, enter 10 Marina Dr., Rochester, NY

For those familiar with the area, the club is now accessed through Marina drive, off of Pattonwood, which is at the traffic light directly opposite of Stutson Street Plaza.

For those less familiar, please refer to the following Maps

By Sea

Set your way point for the end of the Rochester Piers at: 43° 15.83'N; 77° 35.89'W.

The harbor entrance passes between 2 parallel piers, extending almost 1/2 mile into the lake.  The outer end of the west pier is marked with a flashing  red light in 2009), on a white tower with red stripe 12 feet high.  A flashing green light on a 12-foot grey tower marks the end of the east pier.

Head up the river past the Coast Guard Station, Rochester Yacht Club and Shumway Marine, all on the east shore. The GYC Club house and docks are are on the east side of the river past Schooners Restaurant and Bar. Contact GYC by hailing on Channel 16.

Navigational Hazards and Points of Interest:

The Railway Swing Bridge opposite the Rochester Yacht Club was removed in 2013.

O'Rorke Bridge
Just south of GYC, the closed clearance is 42-feet. The bridge remains closed on weekdays from 7 to 9 am and 4 to 6 pm; at other times it opens on the half hour on request. The bridgemaster monitors VHF channel 10 only.