The journey is the reward.

Cruising to GYC

GYC has a small but growing cruising fleet. Since 2007 we have had three yearly cruising events. June and August with one long weekend cruise and July with a two week cruise.

Cruising is fun most of the time. Sailing as a group, visiting new ports, making new friends, and of course, informal racing always takes place. The times that we don't have fun is during bad weather and the dreaded breakdown. One year one of our cruisers actually replaced his engine during the cruise. A second member had a major engine problem AFTER returning from a month long cruise. How's that for timing?

GYC welcomes all members to participate. It doesn't matter if you are a novice sailor or a first place racer.

Reciprocal Information

Genesee Yacht Club, on the east side, north of the O'Rorke Bridge, can accommodate boats from reciprocating clubs in vacant members' slips. (There is no charge, but the stay is limited to 2 days). The fixed docks have a minimum depth of 6 feet. The club monitors VHF Channels 16 and 71. Visitors are welcome to use the club's den with fireplace, television, DVD player and fully equipped kitchen. Wireless Internet access is available at no charge to guests.

You may contact Marianne Pecoraro, the Officer of the Day Chairperson at

Club facilities are: 15-amp power and water at docks; washrooms, showers, free local telephone, picnic area, ice, and gas barbecues. The price of ice remains at $2.50 cubes and $3.00 block.

Photos of Marinas & Yacht Clubs

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Drinking & Boating in Canada

Read this before crossing to Canada.

Cruising Updates

A new Google Broadcast email account has been set up for the GYC Cruising Fleet. Now you can keep in touch with the whole cruising fleet by sending one message. The e-mail address is
or you can go to the website at

Officer of the Day

Chairperson: Marianne Pecoraro