GYC Membership Meeting (click for link)

May 5, 2022 @ 7:30 pm


If you choose to dial in by phone, please plan to view the written report on your computer to help you follow along.  The complete outline for the meeting will be accessible from the GYC website home page, using the link under “Important Announcements”.

To connect dial the number below and when prompted enter the Conference ID ending with the hashtag:  (updated 2/16/2022)

Dial:  1-631-296-1908  (note, long distance rates apply if not included in your phone plan)

When prompted enter the Conference ID: 883 376 790#

If you need to mute / unmute your phone, use *6 


If your computer has a microphone and speaker you may connect via Microsoft Teams, you will be able to see the document as it scrolls and the authors speak.  Use the hyperlink below to join the meeting:

Link to Meeting

By necessity, due to the size of our organization, everyone may be muted so that we can maintain a clear audio experience. Click on the microphone to mute or unmute yourself.  (Note, during August Microsoft updated the Teams App, the mute button is now at the top of the screen).

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