Learn to Sail

Learn to Sail – The Genesee Yacht Club has a learn to sail program on Thursday evenings. This program includes basic sailing education and an opportunity to sail on Lake Ontario with an experienced sailor. No prior sailing experience is required, and you can be as hands-on and involved as you wish. For more information checkout our New Sailor Night Meet-Up page.

Learn to Sail Chairperson: Paul Francisco

Club Boat Coop – In an effort to serve a larger contingent of interested sailors, Genesee Yacht Club has purchased a club boat for member use. The boat is a 24 foot S-2 7.3 sailboat that is set up perfectly for beginning sailors. The S-2 7.3 is known to be a very stable boat with plenty of room in the cockpit. Use of the boat is reserved for GYC members and the cost is $1050 for the first year and $700 per year after that. The cost is all in including full membership in Genesee Yacht club, dockage, insurance, fuel, etc. Experienced boaters will attest, this is far below the cost of individually owning a boat.

Link to Club Boat Reservation Calendar

Club Boat Co-Chairs: Gerard Fisher and Mike Toombs