82 Years GENESEE YACHT CLUB 1934-2016


GYC Burgee

The Genesee Yacht Club (GYC) was established to encourage yachting and sailing, to further the arts and sciences pertaining to seamanship, piloting, and navigation, and to provide and maintain suitable clubhouse and dockage facilities for use of the members by cooperative effort at minimum expense.

Since 1934 our members have contributed their time and talents to the construction and maintenance of our facilities, and the organization of our race programs, cruising program, social events, and every other aspect of the club. Nothing happens without it! Working and socializing with other members builds friendships and instills satisfaction in our accomplishments while keeping our costs under control.

Memorial Day


HI GYC members! For the past 7 (maybe 8?) years GYC has been hosting a water stop for the Rochester Flower City Challenge Half marathon. The event takes place on April 24 this year and the time commitment is from 7:30 until about 11:30. We need volunteers to help set up and give out water at the water stop. We have had lots of fun in past years and the runners appreciate us. In return for hosting the water stop, GYC earns $350.00 toward the women skipper event. Please email robin rudy at robinootb@aol.com if you are interested in helping us with the water stop. Also let me know your t-shirt size! I need to know by March 20th so I can order the volunteer t-shirt sizes! Thanks so much!


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